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Finding low priced flights to Gran Canaria: The coverage of charter flights to Gran Canaria and low-cost flights from Las Palmas Airport (LPA) depends on seasonal conditions: Flights from October until April are available on much more routes and additional airports, because it is the high season on Gran Canary Island. So in Summer – from May until September the coverage of charter flights is much lower. Regular Airlines to Las Palmas like IBERIA maintain daily several connections via Madrid Barajas Airport, Barcelona and other spanish airports

Booking cheap tickets - different airfares

Best airfares to Canaries are booked months in advance

There are generally 3 different Airfares to holiday destinations like the Canary Islands:

  • regular scheduled flights at temporarily reduced fares
  • Charter flight contingents redistributed from touroperators
  • Low Cost Airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet

Please note that many flight-search pages provide only or separate listings for regular scheduled flights to Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport Gando with special fares depending on the flight-date and even the flight-departure hour. IBERIA Airlines for example offer the cheapest fares from departures at late evening until the early morning hours from Madrid Barajas to LPA Airport.

Very Low priced tickets can be found on the charter market arround 4 weeks until 1 week before your estimated travel-date. Other cheap options are the Low Fares of Ryan Air and Easy Jet, which also depend on the booking date. For most of the European discount airlines, you get the best ticket price if you order your ticket well in advance of your departure date. For the summer holidays, new years vacation and Easter you will often have to order tickets several months in advance to get the lowest priced tickets available.

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Main European flight connections to Gran Canaria

Charter flights and Low-Cost Airlines departures from european cities

  • Austria, flights from: Graz, Salzburg, Vienna
  • Belgium, flights from: Brussels (Charleroi)
  • Czech Republic, flights from: Prague
  • Denmark, flights from: Aalborg, Copenhagen
  • France, flights from: Paris (Orly)
  • Germany: cheap flights from German Airports to Gran Canaria
  • Ireland, flights from: Dublin
  • Italy, flights from: Pisa
  • Netherlands, flights from: Amsterdam
  • Norway, flights from: Bergen, Oslo (International), Stavanger, Trondheim
  • Portugal, flights from: Oporto
  • Spain, flights from: Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia
  • Sweden, flights from: Stockholm (Arlanda)
  • Switzerland, flights from: Basel, Geneva, Zurich
  • United Kingdom, flights from: Belfast (International), Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow (all airports), Glasgow (International), Glasgow (Prestwick), Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, London (all airports), London (Gatwick), London (Luton), London (Stansted), Manchester, Newcastle